All Sheep in our Flock are Descendants of these Prize-winning Sires

Pen-Y-Wern Beater

Semen from “Beater” was imported in 1997 together with Saltersford’s “Derek.” While his bloodlines still show up in some of our flock, his influence on upgrading our stock was minor.

Saltersford P.512

Saltersford’s “Derek” was one of the first imports of Clun rams to the US.   He was the foundation of our program to bring North American Cluns up to the British standard.

Court Llacca 98.61

Semen from this outstanding ram from the famous Court Llacca flock in Wales was imported in 2004 to take our flock to the next level.   A champion ram with solid muscularity and great conformation.

Guifron 01.96

From the famed “Guifron” flock owned by Tom Francis in the market town of Clun.    Semen from this outstanding ram was imported in 2004.  He is solid muscle all the way through and has great depth of body.

Guifron 01.176

Another 2004 import from the Guifron Flock.  This ram has great length and power with well muscled hindquarters.

Cerney 05.207

This very typey ram from the Cerney flock was imported in 2006.  Shown here slick shorn, he has great style and elegance in addition to size.

Burrington 10.47

We hope to import semen from “Big Bill” sometime in late 2015.  He is an outstanding ram who won “Best Older Ram” at the Royal Welsh show in 2015, as well as earlier top prizes.   A large ram, he is known for throwing excellent large and typey sons.


Who knows who the next import will be, but rest assured it will be the best of the best.